home: made [ peg boards ]

You have probably noticed in recent years, peg boards have been seen more in the home than the tool shed. And this is due to their versatility and quirky style. The simple design and functionality of equally spaced holes in a large panel of wood with accompanying pegs is genius.
Most commonly they are used as notice boards for hanging items and photos, and of course still used for tools and utensils in workshops. But have you thought about what else can be created with peg boards?!


We have found some great uses including multi functional picture and shelving walls, doors for cabinets and even kitchen splashbacks.
Check out apartmenttherapy.com for a cabinet revamp, craftandcreativity.com show us how to paint a cool cross-stitch image and decor8blog.com has some brilliant ideas to get you thinking.

If your inspired then head to amazon or ebay to pick up a basic peg board. London Graphic Centre also do some fun coloured boards, great to get started with. [ Look around to find a good price as some can be quite expensive ]

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