home: favourite thing [ vintage Danish armchair ] 

home: favourite thing [ vintage Danish armchair ] 

Add another to list of go-to favourite home interiors shop websites – The Joyful Home Company (just launched!) is a must for carefully it’s curated selection of prints, accessories, wallpapers and their own beautifully reupholstered vintage chairs department. 

Our favourite pick from this exciting new store is this utterly gorgeous, incredibly restored large grey Danish armchair, midcentury in style and perfectly reupholstered to keep its characteristics and charm of the era. 

A must invest at £795 but a worthwhile investment. 

home: favourite thing [ leaf wallpaper ] 

home: favourite thing [ leaf wallpaper ] 

Brighten up any room and bring the outdoors in with a choice of amazing leaf print wallpapers. So fresh and organic, we love bold prints of palm or monstera leaves and so many stores are offering great prints in various green shades, various degrees of boldness and size of leaf illustration. 

(Above picture from top left going clockwise : Mind The Gap Banana Leaves / Trouva £150 • Blue & Green Tropical Leaf / Murals Wallpaper from £25 • Monstera Leaves / WallFlora on Amazon from £23 • Christian Lacroix for Designers Guild Eden Roc Wallpaper / John Lewis £79 ) 

Effective for a statement feature wall with a fresh white interior, keeping it minimal but also incredible for a stronger multi wall look, mixed up with other large print patterns. – a strong trend this season. 

Going bold / clashing patterns

home: trend [ big blooms ]

home: trend [ big blooms ]

Floral prints are always a popular choice, especially around this time of year. Spring brings flowers and colour which in turn brings joy and positivity into our lives. This is then replicated in the home with our interior choices. This year its the same, although now the prints are bolder, bigger and more colourful.

Mural by grahambrown.com

Florals have often felt quite old fashioned and it can be difficult to know how to use them in the home. A great place to start is with soft furnishings; cushions and rugs in a distictive pattern mixed with more plain colours help bring this trend in a subtle way. Mix different floral prints together for a bolder look or with other patterns like stripes and geometric [ see previous trend post floral x geo ].

Rug from habitat.co.uk

Large floral images look great framed as pieces of art, and just having a few of these around the home or placed together on a wall can create a subtle nod or full on statement to this trend. Go even more bold with a mural wallpaper or an allover patterned sofa. The wall becomes a piece of art on a larger scale and can bing drama to a room and a floral sofa is fun and quirky, making all your guests smile when they enter the room. Go one step further and match your sofa with the wallpaper, for a full on statement.

Sofa by houseofhackney.com

However much floral you fancy investing in, remember it can be young and cool and no longer Mumsy, so enjoy it.


1. Wall mural from Grahambrown.com [ £150 ]

2. Print from Skandivis.co.uk [ £34 ]

3. Cushion from Amara.com [ £80 ]

4. Stool from Miafleur.com [ £102 ]

5. Print from Desenio.co.uk [ from £11.95 ]

6. Duvet from Amara.com [ £105 ]

home: trend [ copper ]

home: trend [ copper ]

There are always going to be colours and materials that will continuously work as accents to a room, and one of these is copper. There was a dip in popularity last year where we were being told that copper was out, and to be replaced by other metalics like gold and bronze. But we can assure you copper is going nowhere and in 2017 it’s again going to be big.

As with most metalics copper works best in accessories, complimenting a room and colour scheme. But if you are feeling brave then there is a whole lot more you can do to get your copper fix.

Lighting is a great place to start with some gorgeous pendant lights, desk lamps and floor lamps readily available, as well as bringing subtle tones into bulbs and flex.  [ made.com and rockettstgeorge.co.uk have some amazing lighting ]

Using copper lighting with industrial furniture

Introduce copper in furniture through table legs and drawer fronts combined with dark woods on table tops and cabinets. Copper is a great metal to bring an industrial feel to a room working best with strong solid design, and when it’s worn it looks even better.

Pick some key pieces, whether it’s a wall clock, vases or kitchenware and stratigicaly place them around the space mixed with other prints and pattern to suit. Copper is a great metal that works with many different trends; scandinavian, industrial and bohemian to name a few, so whatever your taste copper can be included.

[ Some complimentary colours to consider would be navy, grey, dark green and white ].

Wallpaper from grahambrown.com 

For a full on copper experience you may want to consider covering a wall or floor. Pick a patterned paper with touches of copper, or go for an all over solid block on a feature wall. This can look really striking, especially in dark rooms. Tiling is another option to get the wow factor with brushed and worn copper working best, especially if considered for a hallway or kitchen. 

1. Wallpaper from grahambrown.com [ £23 ]

2. Bulb from ikea.com [ £7 ]

3. Bed frame from made.com [ £399 ]

4. Pendant light from Tom Dixon at trouva.com [ £255 ]

5. Floor tiles from mosafil.co.uk [ £23.80 per sheet ]

6. Telephone from johnlewis.com [ £64.95 ]

7. Lantern from grahamandgreen.co.uk [ from £25 ]

8. Cutlery from zarahome.com [ from £5.50 ]

9. Clock from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £65 ]

home: trend [ floral x geo ]

home: trend [ floral x geo ]

Last year we saw a lot of floral and tropical prints on soft furnishings and in art, as well as geometric pattern continuing to be a popular choice. This year sees the two prints combined creating a clashing mix of colour, pattern and style.

Larger more bold florals are appearing on wallpapers and bed linens. Layer this up with geometric soft furnishings and accessories.

Cole & Son Ardmore collection
A great place to start is with a statement wallpaper, combined with plain furniture and then accessorized with geo pattern. Fill the walls with art, either more floral or geo inspired. The more it clashes the better.

Brass and copper tones work great when considering smaller pieces of furniture. A glass or marble topped coffee table or side table will help bring this trend together. Its very over the top and works best with darker interiors.

Cole & Son Miami wallpaper
You can go big, or small with this trend. Keep it more subtle on bedding or perhaps a couple of floral cushions on a sofa combined with a geometric rug for example.


1. Pendant shade from made.com [ £45 ]

2. Wallpaper from cole-and-son.com

3.  Bedding from anthropologie.com [ from £148 ]

4. Coffee table from grahamandgreen.com [ £370 ]

5. Rug from anthropologie.com [ from £168 ]

6. Wine rack from oliverbonas.com [ £35 ]

7. Rug from habitat.com [ £250 ]

8. Print from desenio.co.uk [ £9.99 ]

9. Bedding from hm.com [ £39.99 ]

home: trend [ wallpaper art ] 

home: trend [ wallpaper art ] 

In a world where we are surrounded by art and creativity, modern, surreal, traditional, abstract, graphic, contemporary, or which ever your art style preference, to be able to translate that into an affordable and impactful home version is definitely a winner. 

traditional pieces from Klimt, Cezanne, Monet and other great artists from Photowall

To turn a piece of art into a wall sized piece of art created from wallpaper is not only a great way to appreciate art but also an incredible visual for an interior design, and an incredible backdrop for your furniture. 

moderm, graphic and illustrative from Photowall
We’ve discovered Photowall as being a great site for not only a huge array of art and designs ready to go as wall paper (or wall murals) but they also turn your own art, designs or photographs into wallpaper too. It’s quite affordable so it’s even something you could change with a decor update, seasonally or when you just had a new image you preferred. 

You could choose imagery relating to current trends or colours, creating backdrops for any room that make a statement. Style with clean lines of furniture and not too much accessorising as this could get too busy. Let the wall paper speak for itself. 

It’s a fantastic way to personalise a room and would be a very special way to theme a child’s room – turn it into a jungle, under the ocean or even a set from their favourite film! 

Prices from £26 p/m

Also visit : 



And for amazing graffiti and abstract products head to : 


urban, bold and colourful from WallSauce

home: trend [ stripes ]

home: trend [ stripes ]

We have seen stripes before in interiors with the monochrome and nautical trends. This time around we take a more subtle approach to this look with narrow stripes on ceramics, texture in wallpapers and structured furniture.

When accessorising a room pick out simple pieces with a minimal feel – block coloured vases and pin stripe ceramics / varying stripes on soft furnishings such as cushions and rugs. The popular colour choice will always be black and white but if you want to introduce other colours keep it relatively neutral with beiges and greys, and even bring metalic tones of gold and bronze.


Bringing stripes onto a wall can be a brave decision, but if you limit it to one wall and use just two colours of similar tone you can create a real focal point, but it doesn’t need to dominate the room. Pale colours like moss green and powder pink work great. If you fancy some wallpaper consider a textured option – a really contemporary way to get stripes into a room [ take a look at grahambrown.com ].


Another idea of how to bring this trend into your home is to use two or three narrow stripes in a hallway or running up stairs. This brings interest to areas which otherwise might be quite plain. Stick to one colour and run them the full length of a wall or stairscase.

When it comes to furniture don’t think you need to go out and and buy heavily striped units or chairs. One statement armchair can really help bring this trend into a living room, although keep the rest of the furniture neutral. Alternatively find pieces that give the illusion of stripes. For example the Hay dining chair [ pic 5 ] with metal frame or a storage unit like the made.com chest of drawers [ pic 9 ] using panels across the front creating a subtle striped pattern.

1. Cushion – istome.co.uk [ £25 ]
2. Vase – habitat.co.uk [ £40 ]
3. Set of 2 ceramic pots – thedenandnow.co.uk [ £36.50 ]
4. Marble & wood bookend – westelm.co.uk [ £44 ]
5. Dining chair – futureandfound.com [ £119 ]
6. Tile – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £6.80 ]
7. Textured wallpaper – grahambrown.com [ £9 ]
8. Rug – Ikea.com – [ £15 ]
9. Chest of drawers – made.com [ £349 ]