home: trend [ drinks trolleys ] 

home: trend [ drinks trolleys ] 

The trend for using drinks trolleys in the home is growing with high street and designer stores alike continuing to stock great styles. The drinks trolley is a versatile, practical, movable piece of furniture that, with all the current styles available (modern, retro, antique, industrial, minimal) there’s one to suit every home and they’re aren’t just for drinks and glasses . 

This handy piece of furniture is great for a multitude of uses – kitchenalia, toiletries, make up, books, as a side table, office and work goods, even shoes. 

With prices up from around £50 there’s something for every budget plus hunting eBay, vintage markets or furniture charity stores can often come up trumps with some amazing prices especially when they are a little worn round the edges and need a little sanding, painting or cleaning – it’s a great upcycling project which benefits you to allow you to colour or style the piece to suit your home. 

Pinterest > alternative styling within the home


(top row)

Dunelm £119.20 / MiaFleur £345 / Swoon £145 

(middle row) 

M&S £299 / Argos £59.99 / IKEA £18 

(lower row)

Atkin&Thyme £299 / West Elm £349 / Etsy £75 

home: made [ room planners ] 

home: made [ room planners ] 

So the expertise of an interior designer can be invaluable but with so much interior inspiration from magazines, blogs and tv programmes it’s a lot easier to get a good idea of how to style, create and design a great laid out room yourself. However more important that the actual styling is the fit and measurements. Furniture has to fit, spaces have to work, movement can’t be restricted and a room has to feel like layout has been considered properly. 

We love the IKEA software to ensure your kitchens, cupboards and bathrooms are the perfect fit and comprises of all the right elements to suit your requirements and brief. Linking directly to the full shopping site you can work in all the components you need into the correctly measured room with even wall colour, allowance for features like fireplaces and doors, plus being able to view from all sides and angles. It’s an incredibly useful tool especially when you are spending a larger amount of money (on a kitchen) and need to get it right or it could be a costly mistake. 

However recently there’s many more apps providing room planning tools. Can they measure up (literally) and are they are better help than an old fashioned pencil, ruler and graph paper, and do they give you more scope for using all sorts of furniture and not just that of IKEA

Over the coming month we’ll test out the various new apps for room planning and find what works and what doesn’t. We’d also love to hear if anyone has reviews, feedback or results from using room planning apps. 

Drop us an email at anotherhomeblog@gmail.com 

home: trend [ greys ] 

home: trend [ greys ] 

Continuing to be a strong trend for 2017, grey is a familiar safe option for interiors that is flexible and adaptable to your taste and style. It’s a modern neutral colour and especially when the lighter tones are used, it’s easy to compliment and create a homely interior. Although, those braver can make incredible design statements using the darker, richer tones and layering up shades of grey can be very effective. 

Visit Pinterest, and great sites like ApartmentTherapy.com for inspirational guides. 

Importantly your shades have to sit next to each other. With greys coming in warm, cool and varying Pantones, it’s worth having material swatches or paint samples when choosing pieces for a room. 

A good base is to start with a wall colour and the main piece of furniture – like the sofa. 

We love the (pictured above) Made.com Scott sofa (£999) matched with Farrow + Ball Railings almost pitch black grey. To this you can build on with soft furnishings, maybe using highlights of a blush pink or copper. For a clean, less bold approach use lots of white with grey to lighten and soften the look. 

Above : choosing your shade of grey 


(Top image guide)

Clockwise from left :

Chair / Louis from Maison Du Monde £209 

Wallpaper / Fiori from Cole & Son £90 

Lamp / Lyss from Habitat £20 

Armchair / Orson from Made.Com £349 

Cushions / from a selection at Next 

Sources / Pinterest • ApartmentTherapy • and styling by Marie Ramse 

home: trend [ oil slick ] 

home: trend [ oil slick ] 

This isn’t about the tragedies that effect the environment but the beauty of a substance that can create the most effective and iridescent patterns and colour effects naturally. The magic of the hues of purple, pink, greens, blues and more, that form in slicks, are translated into homeware and interior finishes – beautiful, chic and with lustre and an expensive finish. 

This is not a trend to push too far, but to use as details in homeware around a room; fabrics, cushions, vases or single wall of tiles or wallpaper; and then use the colour palette and pull out hues to do the main bigger areas of colour required. 

1. ‘Cielo’ Vase / was £25 now £17.50 / Habitat 

2. Colour Effect Cutlery / from £4.99 / Zara Home 

3. Iridescent Tiles / Baked Tiles 

4. ‘Oil Spill’ Mural Wallpaper / £25 psqm / MuralsWallpaper 

5. Rain-Shibori Indigo Silk Cushion / £150 / Vintage & Floral 

home: trend [ abstract art ] 

home: trend [ abstract art ]

2017 sees a move towards big and bold in wall art in the home. To create an impact and a statement in a room, abstract art has a powerful wow-factor and can bring colours together from a scheme, introduce pattern and be a visual talking point. 

Abstract art uses a visual language of shape, form, color and line to create a composition which may exist with a degree of independence from visual references in the world.

Abstract art can also translate into soft furnishings and fabrics; for curtains, cushions and bedding. It is a good way to bring bold pattern into design and be the starting point for the styling and use of colour in a room. Work of famous and amateur artists is often translated into fabric design. Head to ZaidaUk or Zazzle for Abstract art on cushions or visit museum shops for great examples. We love these Henri Matisse cushions from HomeLava (below) at just £10. 

Henri Matisse designs on cushions

One of the most renowned abstract artists was Jackson Pollock and his work is famously shown world wide in galleries as well as designed into many homeware pieces both from the original works as well as inspired designs from his work. 

Paul Jackson Pollock (January 28, 1912 – August 11, 1956), known professionally as Jackson Pollock, was an American painter and a major figure in the abstract expressionist movement. He was well known for his unique style of drip painting.

Pollock artwork prints and inspired designs

home: trend [ bronze ] 

home: trend [ bronze ] 

The metallics trend continues this year with designers and high street stores continuing the love of using metallic tones in homewares and furnishings. 

From that metallic family, bronze is a rich warming tone that can be used in various amounts to bring great tone to a room. 

For subtle introduction to bronze, there are plenty of great small homewares but for a bigger impact; brands are offering wallpapers, paints, tiles and larger pieces of furniture in bronze. 

Bronze can compliment and sit with many other colours including navy, black, white, neutrals and even pinks. 

1 Tolix chair // £52.90 PrivateFloor 

2 Graham + Green Copper Tranquil wall paper // £18.39 (SALE) Debenhams 

3 Alvar Aalto vase // £117.84 Ambient Direct 

4 Industrial ceiling light // £29.06 Beautiful Halo 

5 Viners cutlery set // £74.99 Wayfair 

6 Sumi Hessian Copper wall paper // £51.99 Fashion Wallpaper 

7 Scales Cushion // £26.50 Zazzle 

8 Orrico coffee table // £225 Habitat 

9 Sass + Belle baskets // £17.40 MonshowRoom 

home: trend [ navy ] 

home: trend [ navy ] 

As much as we are currently loving greys in interiors; shades of navy (inks, twilights, midnight and denim tones) are having a huge surge in popularity due to how flexible they are to introduce to an interior. With many complimentary and high light colours that can be used, navy works so well in different strengths depending on how bold the look you wish to go for. 

We love fully embracing the dark side and including all wood work and ceilings, when painting, to create a dramatic strong look. However, navy can work equally well as a feature wall with bright white wood work and lots of complimentary colours in the soft furnishings and accessories. 

Across stores, navy is coming through strong in luxurious fabrics like velvet, suede and silk for soft furnishings and it’s a opulent colour for sofas, armchairs and curtains. 

As a colour it can sit with jewel tones (on trend colours including jade, teal, plum and magenta), works well with ever-popular metallics (copper, bronze and gold) and can compliment orange, blush pink and forest green. 

1 Love Seat Arm Chair / £325 George at Asda 

2 Midnight Blue Paint / from £13 Homebase 

3 Kitsch Chairs / £79 (pair) Made 

4 Drawing Room Blue Paint / £43.50 Farrow + Ball 

5 Cushion / £14 Red Bubble 

6 Cavendish Cushion / £50 John Lewis 

7 Conner Sofa / £799 Made 

8 Binx Vase / £50 Habitat 

9 Zen Rug / £29.99 Wayfair