home: made [ paint drip vase ]

home: made [ paint drip vase ]

The monochrome trend is still going strong. A great idea this season is to start bringing in small injections of colour through accessories.
This subtle but effective idea of adding paint to a vase looks contemporary and is really easy to do.
You will need to find a plain vase, either white or a glass one you can spray white [ Hm.com & Ikea.com have a good choice starting from £1 ].
Choose some acrylic paint, neon tones are perfect for this season.
There are a couple of ways to create the effects, either dipping the vase and letting the paint run down, or splattering the paint and building it up.
We have found some tutorials to follow :

Another great idea to decorate a white vase is with a marker pen. Check out makeandtell.com

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