home: featured [ O’Dell’s ]

home: featured [ O’Dell’s ]

Another realitively new homeware shop popping up on the streets of East London is O’Dell’s – a fine mix of homeware, grooming, and lifestyle goods aimed at men, although there are plenty of pieces that will appeal to all.
Established by Tom O’Dell, he has created – in his own words – ‘a carefully curated selection of products from skilled makers and brands, that sit within a relaxed and friendly shop in the heart of Shoreditch’.
He keeps the products as exclusive as possible to O’Dell’s with a real focus on UK made goods.
The store itself has a very clean and minimal feel about it, with only the addition of a few filled plant pots placed around the stock, allowing the products to stand out and be the main focus.
There are so many lovely pieces on offer,  with our favourites being the hand crafted ceramics and rugs.

O’Dell’s should be on everyone’s list of ‘must see’ homeware shops in London.

24 Calvert Avenue


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