home: event [ The BFG dream jars trail ] 

home: event [ The BFG Dream Jars Trail ] 

We don’t always stay inside appreciating great interiors. Sometimes we need an excuse to travel around and appreciate great buildings and architecture from the outside. 

The BFG Dream Jar Trail gives us the opportunity to do just that with this magical search in and out of many of the best buildings and areas of London. 

Did the BFG lose these jars on some night time expedition? Who knows , but this is a great chance to search and see our capital. 

Grab the map and get searching. Hiding places include Harrods (check out their interiors department!)and gorgeous Libertys (their staircase alone is a dream!), pass by Buckingham Palace and be in awe of the greatest house of them all, admire St Pauls cathedral for its historic architecture and appreciate the Barbican for its midcentury glory (with their glorious conservatory being a must-see). 
Trail running til the end of August 


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