home: event [ pop brixton ]

home: event [ pop brixton ]

The London Design Festival is almost upon us [ 17th – 23Rd Sept ] and one of the must see places to visit this year is Pop Brixton and it’s DESIGN UNBOXED series of events. Bringing together design, fashion, food , music and more.

‘Designed and built by Carl Turner in 2015, Pop Brixton is.now home to a unique community of entrepreneurs, makers, designers, chefs and artists. This creative assortment of recycled shipping containers, timber structures and greenhouses is now home to 55 loral, independent businesses. Design Unboxed will.unpack the stories and passions within this community, exploring the many aspects of design that influence our members and the wider community in Brixton. From fashion and furniture to graphics and architectur, Pop Brixton’s week long series of events encourages the public to participate in workshops, discussions and performances touching on many fields of design. Learn craft and design skills with hands-on workshops, attend fashion shows, create your own artwork or debate design with expert panels.’

The London Design Festival 

Head to Popbrixton.org to see all the different events on offer.


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