home: trend [ wallpaper art ] 

home: trend [ wallpaper art ] 

In a world where we are surrounded by art and creativity, modern, surreal, traditional, abstract, graphic, contemporary, or which ever your art style preference, to be able to translate that into an affordable and impactful home version is definitely a winner. 

traditional pieces from Klimt, Cezanne, Monet and other great artists from Photowall

To turn a piece of art into a wall sized piece of art created from wallpaper is not only a great way to appreciate art but also an incredible visual for an interior design, and an incredible backdrop for your furniture. 

moderm, graphic and illustrative from Photowall
We’ve discovered Photowall as being a great site for not only a huge array of art and designs ready to go as wall paper (or wall murals) but they also turn your own art, designs or photographs into wallpaper too. It’s quite affordable so it’s even something you could change with a decor update, seasonally or when you just had a new image you preferred. 

You could choose imagery relating to current trends or colours, creating backdrops for any room that make a statement. Style with clean lines of furniture and not too much accessorising as this could get too busy. Let the wall paper speak for itself. 

It’s a fantastic way to personalise a room and would be a very special way to theme a child’s room – turn it into a jungle, under the ocean or even a set from their favourite film! 

Prices from £26 p/m

Also visit : 



And for amazing graffiti and abstract products head to : 


urban, bold and colourful from WallSauce

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