home: featured [ Dorothy ]

home: featured [ Dorothy ] 

Roaming around the customer shopping area of this year’s Design Festival Design Junction show, we found the full range of a brand we’d already found love for when spotting their prints in The Barbican shop. 

Alternative Love Blueprint – A History of Alternative Music

Dorothy is a graphic-designed heaven for music lovers, film lovers, typography lovers, brutalist lovers, culture lovers – so many great intriguing and clever art works in print to choose from, as well as a few extras of tea towels, mugs and ornaments. 

They create prints that we can imagine were dreamt up over a pint of two and then laborious hours from there spent designing and creating the content for them. 

We love the process and train of thought for the print works and our favourites include the ‘Alternative Love Blueprint – A History of Alternative Music‘ (£35) and the ‘Lost Destination: The Haçienda‘ (£35) 

Science Fiction Star Chart – Original Open Edition

Visit them now at www.wearedorothy.com


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