home: made [ wire memo board ]

home: made [ wire memo board ]

We all try to be organised at home but sometimes it’s finding the right idea that suits. Today we show you one that will look great in most homes, whether it’s a kitchen, bedroom or office.

The wire memo board is so simple to make and so versatile for storing objects like keys, notes and stationary. With only 3 pieces this is definitely worth giving a go.

You can get hold of a galvanized wire panel easily enough from Homebase [ from £5.99 ] as well as spray paint; black or white, go bright or perhaps copper or gold, the choice is yours. Finally you will need some screws to attach the panel to a wall. It’s that’s simple and would be a fun afternoon task.

Below are some tutorials to inspire you.




3 thoughts on “home: made [ wire memo board ]

  1. OK, I officially love you guys… I was going to buy the Urban Outfitters one for about £50, because I didn’t know they sold galvanised wire panels for next to nothing at Homebase! I’ve already got spray paint. Hurrah!!!!


    1. Haha. Thanks hon, that’s brilliant. It’s funny as we did feature the Urban Outfitters one back in July. 😉 It’s like peg boards, so easy to get the raw materials, a bit of paint and do it yourself. 👍

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