home: favourite thing [ Vitra dolls ]

home: favourite thing [ Vitra dolls ]

If you are looking for some fun accessories for the home, and something with a bit of history then you should take a look at these wooden dolls from Vitra. we love the vibrant colours and charm of these dolls, originally used as toys, now hugely popular as ornaments for collectors.

‘Together with his friends Charles and Ray Eames & George Nelson, Alexander Girard was one of the leading figures of postwar American design. A key source of inspiration for his wife-ranging oeuvre, which primarily focused on textile design, was.his passion for the folk art of South America, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The Decorative wooden dolls, design  and made by Girard in 1953 for his own home in Santa Fe, were likewise inspired by his extensive personal collection of folk art.

Based on the originals found in the Girard Estate by the Vitra Design Museum, the whimsical assortment of doils, both joyful and grim, is now available as a charming enhancement to any interior’

Pick from a large range of fun and colourful designs at reallywellmade.co.uk [ £83 ]


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