home: trend [ dark timbers ]

home: trend [ dark timbers ]

As with many trends they tend to drop in and out of taste, and this is true of wood tones in the home. We have seen a lot of lighter woods over the last year or so with mango and acacia being popular choices. Next year it’s the return of dark timbers, creating a richer interior.

Whether it’s tables, cabinets, wardrobes or bed frames it needs to be dark. everything from walnut vaneer to dark stains and even burnt finishes.

Combining dark units with a dark floor

Creating a dark room isn’t for everyone, so consider where it will be most effective in your home. In a kitchen matching tones on units and floor sit great against a plain white wall. In a living room have a couple of key pieces of furniture, perhaps a coffee table and an armchair, keeping the soft furnishings light as a contrast, and of course introduce some colour.

Armchair from laredoute.co.uk [ £305 ]

If you really want to make a statement why not try a wood effect wallpaper. Burnt wood paneling looks great, especially in a smaller space. Create a moody feel or keep it fresh, this trend can adapt to all tastes, go as far as you want with it. 


1. Tabletop planter – westelm.co.uk [ from £24 ]

2. Chest of drawers – made.com [ £449 ]

3. Lampshade – habitat.co.uk [ £35 ]

4. Side table – abigailahern.com [ from £90 ]

5. Chest of drawers – westelm.co.uk [ £899 ]

6. Wallpaper – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £199 ]

7. Stool – grahamandgreen.co.uk [ £89 ]



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