home: trend [ clay ]

home: trend [ clay ]

Often fashion trends will give inspiration to other products, particularly homeware. This season heading into 2017 sees the rich tone of potters clay, alongside other similar shades like cinnamon and chilli powder with accents of copper to compliment, creating a warm calming space.

Use these earthy colours on a painted feature wall and accessorize with lighter soft furnishings in cream or white. Alternatively keep the walls light and opt for a tanned leather sofa and some key wooden furniture. Bring print into a room with cushions and rugs, with this colour lending itself well to a Maroccon or Aztec inspired room, you can have fun with pattern and fabrics.

Additional colours to consider to sit alongside clay are dark teal and cream.


1. Rug – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £119 ]

2. Dining chair – anthropologie.com [ £98 ]

3. Sofa – ikea.com [ £1400 ]

4. Shoe rack – made.com [ £99 ]

5. Table – futureandfound.com [ £80 ]

6. Plant pot – ikea.com [ £3 ]

7. Table lamp – westelm.co.uk [ £79 ]

8. Rug – habitat.co.uk [ £55 ]

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