home: made [ framing ]

home: made [ framing ]

Double sided frames have been more popular than ever recently. The apeal being you have more options to what to frame, creating more than just a picture. The majority if times you are likely to frame a photo or print, but consider other options to bring interest and fun to a shelf or wall.

Flowers: Pressed flowers and leaves bring delicate shape and colour to a picture. If you like greens and nature this is a lovely way to bring the outdoors in. This is also great as you can change the pieces seasonally and add new colours.

Feathers: In the same way as pressing flowers, feathers bring pattern and colour and using these natural pieces mixed with photos and drawings you can curate a personalised picture wall.

Fabric: Cut out your favourite fabrics and place in a uniform fashion or randomly. Again this is a way to bring pattern and colour to a wall or shelf in an interesting way. Moroccan / bohemian prints are a cool option right now. 

Cutouts: Use magazine or book cutouts of your favourite images. Pop icons, typograpy or drawings for example. Layer up different smaller images in a larger frame. This quirky type of collage looks great in smaller spaces like a hallway or bathroom.

Typography: Rather than placing anything in the frame why not consider making your own mark with a pen. Use a Sharpie to write a phrase or slogan and place against a white wall for an instant monochrome feel.

The options are endless, have fun putting together different looks and designs. And remember, it’s so easy to change everytime the urge takes you.

For more styling ideas head to apartmenttherapy.com and blog.decoratorsnotebook.co.uk 

For our pick of frames check out Rockettstgeorge.co.ukSkandivis.co.uk and Oliverbonas.com


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