home: made [ diy Muuto style dots ] 

home: made [ diy Muuto style dots ] 

We love the look of stylish minimal brand Muuto’s wall hooks (designed by Lars Tornøe) but at a single dot starting price of around £10, mounting a selection of sizes can mount up in cost. 

Discovering a couple of diy copies is always good to share and these simple methods are effective and look great.

We loved finding a cool diy on Facebook (credit: Ceri Horton Thomas) using two cheap products from IKEA – the LOSJÖN bathroom  hangers (£4.75 for a pack of 5) with their basic IKEA 365+ cork coasters (80p for 2) simply glued over the top. This creates a simple minimal look both for hanging and as a extra you can pin items onto the cork – very versatile and easy to wall mount as the LOSJÖN are already designed to attach. 

The second great tutorial is from GrilloDesigns  using flat topped wooden cabinet knobs. The tutorial guides you simply through, how to convert them to be able to be wall mounted. Keep them plain wood, or stain or paint them! 


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