home: trend [ bold wallpapers ] 

home: trend [ bold wallpapers ] 

Another summer where we see bold wallpapers as a strong trend with floral, geometric and tropical patterns appearing most popular in designs. 

These bold papers can be worked in two main styling methods. Either in a minimally styled room with no clutter, few accessories and just using the busy, bold wallpaper on one wall; or embracing a more complicated, layered look that uses multiple patterns and colours on purpose with excess accessories to create a bohemian, eclectic strong look. 

(Above : Cole + Son Hicks Grand / SelectWallpaper £76 • Graham + Brown Colourful Geometric / House of Fraser reduced to £48 ) 

Big bold geometric patterns can be a modern or retro look. They sit well with clean white paint work and furniture as well as light woods like oak, beech or teak. 

(Above : Holden Decore Bird of Paradise / IWantWallpaper reduced to £24.99 • Tropics Pindorama Floral / PriceRightHome £12.49 ) 

Mixing tropical and floral patterns is a beautiful strong idea. Colour match the colour tones but mix and match the flower patterns, size of illustrations and continue through cushions, curtains, throws and other accessories to bring together a vibrant look to excite the senses. 


(Product guide) 

1 Eunoia £89 / The Joyful Home Company 

2 Arthouse Brasillia Blue £15 / Wilko 

3 Cole & Son Geometric II Riviera £76 / Beut 

4 Tropical Bloom £150 / AccessoriesForTheHome 

5 Sian Elin Multi Colour Tress £119 / Trouva 

6 MissPrint Songbird £69 / John Lewis


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