home: trend [ leather ]

home: trend [ leather ]

Leather in the home doesn’t have to be restricted to your favourite worn armchair or the odd cushion. Leather is appearing in many more home accessories, furniture and homeware this season.

Leather detailing is big news – trims, edgings, frames, mirror surrounds, and growing in popularity – handles.

The perfect way to update wardrobes, kitchens or a cupboard is with the replacement of the handles – and leather loops or arches are the most on trend way right now.

Leather is great to integrate in many ways – a few frames in a gallery wall, a vase in a cluster or even a leather tray with a collection of homeware on it.

1 Head board (price depending on size) LoveLeather

2 Leather Frames (various prices) Byron & Brown

3 Zeke Desk £699 Made.Com

4 Leather Handles £11.56 AllHandlesAndPulls

5 Eichholtz York Bench £2025.00 Houseology

6 Faux leather tray £39 Shrops Design

7 Hanging Vase £8.95 Graham & Green

8 Leather Vase £22.96 Studio Monstera (Etsy)

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