home: trend [ maximalist ]

home: trend [ maximalist ]

If you love bold colours and quirky accessories then get on board with the maxamilist trend that is big right now.

Throw out any rule book and have fun with your interior. Combine rich colours of yellow, red and green with statement prints in wallpapers and artwork.

image from livingetc.com

We love a strong stripe and it really draws your eye to any furniture you put in front of it. Talking of furniture, fund something that has some addition interest, maybe a texture, gold accents or a patterned surface.

Whatever you choose let it clash, as this is a very eclectic look and the bolder you go the more curated it looks.


Top row – velvet pouf from audenza.com [ £86 ], cushion from trouva.com [ £26.50 ], armchair from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £890 ]

Middle row – sofa from made.com [ £3 49 ], cabinet from westelm.co.uk [ £1199 ]

Bottom row – light from johnlewis.com [ £450 ], print from tindesign.co.uk [ from £39.99 ], wallpaper from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £72 ]

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