home: trend [ crittal style windows ]

home: trend [ crittal windows ]

The look of slim profile, notably black, aluminium window frames, often broken down into small panes of glass, are based on the beautiful and historic ‘Crittall’ windows.

It’s an elegant stylish look. It allows a lot of light to flow yet still acts as a screening with the framework.

It’s also a look that can be used internally – double doors between rooms, doors that can allow more light into a darker room or even shower screens.

Crittal Windows Ltd is a notable English manufacturer of steel-framed windows, today based in Witham, Essex, close to its historic roots in the county.

Originally developed in 1884 by Essex ironmonger Francis Henry Crittall, they were first manufactured in the UK in 1889. Only windows made by Crittall Windows Limited can legally be called Critall. However, rightly or wrongly, the term is often used in a general way to refer to black steel-framed windows

There are many brands doing in-the-style-of Crittall. Crittall is the best and authentic to get the perfect look of these windows but it is an expensive product and using it her companies producing a similar look is often a far more cost effective way of achieving the look on a lower budget.

Companies including The Heritage Window Company and Bespoke Glazing Design Ltd supply actual Crittall windows as well as other aluminium styles and come with excellent reviews.


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