home: trend [ sustainable shopping ]

home: trend [ sustainable shopping ]

We are in s time now where climate change and sustainability is massively important and undoubtedly is having a knock on effect to how we buy items for the home.

When we talk about sustainability the key areas are:

1: The material ( ie. wood ) has been sourced from certified third parties. Look out for the FSC logo.

2. Items that are made form recycled materials.

3. The manufacturing process is environmently friendly and produces low emissions.

4. Using materials that are a renewable source and easily grown.

Wood is one of the most popular materials used for creating furniture, and there are lots of handmade examples available from UK suppliers as well as further afield. We are also seeing more plastics being reused to make seat coverings, rugs and more.

Anything we can do to help with this, from buying less frequently, buying more long lasting items, or recycling pieces we have rather than throwing away will go towards a more sustainable future for us all.


Clockwise from top left:

Wicker chair / ikea.com [ £110 ], dining table / swooneditions.com [ £199 ], lounge chair / hm.com [ £199.99 ], bench / zarahome.com [ £299.99], stool / woodmancoteretro.com [ £95 ], shelf / wearthlondon.com [ £95 ], armchair / westelm.com [ £899 ], bed / aif.london [ £1269 ]


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