home: made [ printed curtains ]

home: made [ printed curtains ]

Struggling to get curtains that work for your room? Why not try designing your own.

We have found this quirky make from abeautifulmess.com that transforms plain white curtains into something more fun. They have gone for monochrome spots but the options are endless.

With a few tools and some paint, and a bit of confidence you can create some individual curtains to fit with your own design. We think they would be perfect for a kids room.

Check out the tutorial at abeautifulmess.com

home: made [ wall hanging ] 

home: made [ wall hanging ] 

With wall hangings continuing to be a popular trend in homes and a DIY that is both satisfying and achievable, the latest tutorial from firm favourites, the A Beautiful Mess team, is a stunner. 

With a few simple materials and tools, available from hobby stores or online, this DIY results in a gorgeous wall hanging for any room. Vary the colours according to your interior and vary the size depending on your space. 

home: made [ hanging plant shelf ] 

home: made [ hanging plant shelf ] 

We found another lovely short and easy project from the clever folks at A Beautiful Mess. 

With the popularity of hanging plants, and macrame holders, we thought this hanging plant shelf would be another great make. 

You only need a staple gun, thin rope/string and some kind of wooden plate – a circle of wood cut at a local wood store, a top of a stool, a wooden plate or even a chopping board.

This simple tutorial from A Beautiful Mess will guide you through this easy project. The hanging shelf would make a great gift, would work well hung in a pair or trio (at different levels) and if you are adept at macrame – it could be combined! 

home: made [ scandi wall hanging ] 

home: made [ Scandi wall hanging ] 

Current trends mean there are many wall hangings to choose from from stores but to be able to make your own means you can colour match your room and size. 

We love A Beautiful Mess and they’ve come up with this super simple tutorial to make a gorgeous Scandi style hanging.

With a few materials, it’s a simple project with great results. 

Click here to start making your now 

home: made [ wall decor ]

home: made [ wall decor ]

Sometimes choosing a wallpaper or wall covering can be difficult, finding the right design that fits with the room. If you have a small room or wall, you don’t really need to be buying a whole roll either.
Here we show you a couple of ideas of how to bring pattern onto a wall with minimal cost.

Why not try stenciling, using nothing more than some card, scissors and marker pens. Pick a simple design that will work as a repeat pattern, try not to make it too intricate. Abeautifulmess.com have recently done a gold cactus design and we think it looks great. This look works best on a white wall, but go bold with the colours you want to add.

Another idea we have seen, which could look really good in a monochrome room is using washi tape. Instead of creating a stencil use the washi tape to create the design – crosses, stripes or squares perhaps. You can pick up rolls of tape everywhere now, but to keep cost down head to ebay. We found designrulz.com for some brilliant ideas.

The main thing to remember when doing a wall like these is to roughly mark out the first line, with distance between each design starting in the middle of the wall and work out either side. Don’t worry if it’s not perfectly straight, it all ads to the look and charm of doing it yourself.