home: found this [ BHS lighting ]

home: found this [ BHS lighting ]

With its online comeback firmly established BHS is as stronger than ever in homeware, including gorgeous lighting.

Their new selection includes smoked glass pendants, rattan shades and drop cap lights.

What BHS does well is give us style and quality at a really great price. Be sure to head to bhs.com to check them out.


home: nice price [ ceiling light ]

home: nice price [ ceiling light ]

The styling, the curves, the nod to mid century – the incredible Dexter Copper Sputnik Ceiling Pendant £143.20 (reduced in the sale from £179.00) from Marks & Spencer is a must buy. It’s a perfect designer-look retro light fitting to make a statement in any room.

We found this reduced beauty, courtesy of the great AMotherEdits blog. Mostly about gorgeous fashion but follow her on Instagram to see the amazing renovations she’s been doing to her London home.

home: trend [ exposed bulbs ]

home: trend [ exposed bulbs ]

There has been a huge increase in popularity for having exposed bulbs in pendant lighting. Forgoing a traditional lamp shade for something a bit more industrial, creating a focal point in a room.

With the vintage Edison style bulbs with various filament designs still a favourite of most, we now see new adaptions of this look, still keeping the overall feel but with a modern edge. 

You will see a lot more smoked finishes and tinted glass along with oversized examples, so only one large bulb is needed to fill the ceiling space. The big trend at the moment is the streamlining of the filament, creating more structured patterns and lines. And this continues with the housing of the bulbs on pendant lights. Boxes surround the bulbs, creating a faux shade and again this makes for a statement.

Copper and chrome will continue to be the most popular finish of attachments, but try something a bit different with the addition of  a Plumen drop hat lamp shade –  a simple disc that sits above the bulb but looks sleek and modern. 


Top row – pendant set from johnlewis.com [ £130 ], top hat shade from plumen.com [ £44.95 ], bulb from heals.com [ £ ] 

Middle row – pendant light from lighting-direct.co.uk [ £250 ], Muuto pendant lamp from paperrooms.co.uk [ £59 ]

Bottom row – smoked bulb from busterandpunch.com [ £25 ], bulb from habitat.co.uk [ £30 ], filament set from johnlewis.com [ £95 ]

home: favourite thing [ pendant light ]

home: favourite thing [ pendant light ]

With it’s ever changing collection, Rockett St George always has gorgeous lighting, including this antique brass cylinder pendant light. The long narrow shape creates subtle drama, with the brass finish adding a lux feel. 

Available in two sizes [ £120 & £150 ] they look great as an individual light or grouped together at different lengths. 


home: nice price [ ceiling light ]

home: nice price [ ceiling light ]

Looking to make a statement, but not breaking the bank in the process? Take a look at John Lewis and their House range, full of affordable and on-trend homeware.

We love this multi flex ceiling light with its 6 black lamp holders. Adjust the cords to arrange at different heights, giving you flexabilty to lighting your room.

Available now from johnlewis.com [ £75 ]

[ bulbs sold separately ]

home: found this [ light ]

home: found this [ light ]

Habitat has launched it’s new season collection, and with it some new designs imcluding this gorgeous walnut light shade. Its plywood frame has a been stained walnut and slots together, creating a really interesting light when on.

A perfect light for a living room or kitchen. Available now from habitat.co.uk [ £75 ]

home: trend [ sculptured lighting ]

home: trend [ sculptured lighting ]

We are spoilt for choice when it comes to lighting. With the ever increasing number of new designs and re workings of old ones, it’s difficult to know where to begin.

Lighting as with all home decor is personal taste but sometimes we all need a little direction, so with that in mind a new trend for 2017 is sculptured lighting.

Floor lamp from Rockettstgeorge.co.uk

Strong angles and shapes currently dominate lighting departments, with geometric, 1920s and organic designs proving popular. Moulded one piece task lamps and curved wood pendants give fluidity and cast amazing light when on. And when not on they become works of art.

Globes are featuring big at the moment, in the form of clusters or individually. White is an obvious colour choice bit if you are feeling brave consider a bright colour, perfect set against a neutral room.

Pendant light from trouva.com

Consider how the lighting works in each room, do you want it to blend in to its surroundings or stand out as a centre piece. The current choice online is amazing with favourites trouva.comrockettstgeorge.co.uk, and johnlewis.com, having vast collections of on-trend and modern lighting.


1. Five light pendant from grahamandgreen.co.uk [ £185 ]

2. Orb ceiling pendants from westelm.co.uk [ from £159 ]

3. Gregg pendant from trouva.com [ £136 ]

4. Normann Copenhagen pendant from trouva.com [ £75 ]

5. Tom Raffield pendant from johnlewis.co.uk [ £245 ]

6. Tom Dixon pendant from heals.com [ £110 ]
7. LED desk lamp from johnlewis.co.uk [ £45 ]

8. Geometric pendant from grahamandgreen.co.uk [ £375 ]

9. Table lamp from habitat.co.uk [ £45 ]