home: made [ painted walls ]

home: made [ painted walls ]

We love the look of colourblocking and using painted coloured walls to zone areas within the home.

It’s a great way to define the use of an area or create separation in a large room when many functions are housed within the same interior.

It can create design and interest, bring colour to a room with out over-pushing a single colour, as well as be an easy update to a room that can be changed and modernised without much trouble. Advantageous for rented properties or temporary abodes.

Ideas of working with paint in colour blocks can include creating a band of colour around the room or painting colour in shapes like squares, triangles, semi circles or arches. It can bring a colour pop behind a piece of furniture, it can bring warmth with a new tone – Especially with the current popular colours; rust, orange, mustard and warm beige tones.

We found some inspirational ideas on Decoist.com

home: made [ book organisation ] 

home: made [ book organisation by colour ] 


Whether people roll their eyes or ridicule the effort, they can’t deny that organising (visual merchandising ) your book shelves by colour (or colour blocking) looks good.

It’s about realising that books are as an important feature as any other piece of homeware. As they often take up such a significant space on a wall in the home, why not make them visually pleasing. They will add to the styling of a room and can aid bringing a colour theme to a room. 

Apart from looking well styled, it’s actually often a very useful way to find books, as many the human brain can work well with remembering colours (associated with a book cover and spine)  as opposed to names or authors to find the sought after book. 

The simplest way to create this look is to start with bare shelves and work out your plan of colour order. Colours should blend into each other i.e. Black into grey into white into yellow into orange into red into pink into purple into blue into green, with tones of each colour helping to blend the look. It can help to create piles of matching coloured books first to give yourself an idea of the amount of each colour and how much room they’ll need. It will envolve a little bit of trial and error but there are many images on google for inspiration as well as design blogs giving ideas.