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home: made [ headboard ]

It may just be part of your bed, but the headboard has the opportunity to stand out creating a focal point and lift the room. It can also be as functional as it is attractive.

With various options, why not try making / adapting your own. We have found some tutorials to inspire you and guide you to creating your perfect headboard.

Plywood headboard / burkatron.com

Padded headboard / by stylebyemilyhenderson.com




home: made [ head boards ]

home: made [ head boards ]

If you’re looking for a new creative project and want something unique for your bedroom then try a unique idea for the head board.

Hunting across the internet we found four great ideas for making your own head board.

We love the idea of using open books together – making the perfect bedtime reading spot. Create a beautiful tactile design with tied ribbons in a soft hue strung across above the bed. An easy but effective idea is to create a padded head board* using just squares of wood, squares of foam, squares of your chosen fabric and a staple gun! And lastly stencilling or printing a design directly in the place of a headboard is effective as well as being easy to change when you think of a different idea or want to change the look if your bedroom.

*for a great tutorial on making a padded head board visit CaliforniaHomeDesign

home: made [bed headboards ] 

home: made [ bed headboards ] 

The vamping a bedroom with new furniture can be costly so a good alternative is to make a bed look like new with a new DIY headboard. Or by a cheap basic base and make it look better with your own designed head board. 

We found some great projects that use anything from reclaimed wood to old doors as a base for your project. Think outside the box – you could try an area of tiling, patterned or plain, to create a modern look or work on creating a giant weaving that could hang at the top of the bed. You could even suspend a rug in the place of the board to create a textured bohemian feel. Search online now for sale rugs from West Elm or Urban Outfitters that would look great.

Head to CuteDIYProjects or DIYnCrafts for a big selection of tutorials for head boards – a great selection of projects for many skill levels.