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To create a unique and affordable stylish floor, try floor stencils or decals. When you’ve fallen for some beautiful, but expensive, moroccon tiles or maybe want to recreate a Victorian floor or simply love the look of patterned floors, stencilling or decals are a great way to reproduce the look yourself at a fraction of the price.

If you’re lucky you already have decent floor boards to use as a base, these would need to be thoroughly cleaned and lightly sanded to ensure the paint takes to the surface. If the floorboards aren’t in decent shape then you could look to lay a plywood covering to provide a smooth layer to paint onto. You will need a good water based paint or floor paint and a good floor varnish to finish and seal.

If going for a decal, again, the floors would need to be prepped – clean and smooth, and a good varnish will ensure its long lasting.

Cutting Edge give a useful how-to guide, as do Royal Design Studio Stencils – and head to Apartment Therapy for ten gorgeous stencil design ideas for inspiration. 

Be inspired by current trends of geometric, lace and monochrome for an up to date look or even look into designing your own decals or stencils that you could lay to create your perfect floor from Pixart Printing or have a look at the range of tile style decal stickers from Zazzle.