home: featured [ junique ]

home: featured [ junique ] 

A fantastic idea. Affordable art from new talents. The ‘Junique‘ concept is innovative and allows what ever design you are attracted to, whether it be typographical, illustrative or pattern based, to be purchased on the medium to suit the brief – a new cushion, art work for the wall, printed onto bedding or even a shower curtain! Explore their website for the endless curated range of brilliant designers. Like the print ? Get the cushion to match! Like the quote on the poster, get it printed on a tea towel or even wall paper

[ about ] 

”Berlin, September 2013. Three young design enthusiasts decide to put an end to the lack of affordable art in Europe’s living rooms. To create a platform for talented emerging artists from all around the world. To inspire people, to bring more art into their lives. In January 2014, http://www.juniqe.com goes live.

JUNIQE is the online marketplace for art from all around the world. The antidote to bare walls. Injecting creativity into homes and wardrobes. Guided by the mantra Art. Everywhere. we bring to life the designs of international artists on prints, fashion, home textiles and other products. We hand-pick each design to bring you a carefully curated selection of artworks that speak your language.

Our magazine is overflowing with inspiration and ideas for interiors, art and fashion. We show you how to make the most of your JUNIQE products, plus share our tips and tricks for styling them.”

[ prints, tea towels, bedding, wall paper and cushions ]

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