home: made [ staircases ] 

home: made [ staircases ] 

For a more unconventional idea, a more quirky design idea, we’ve looked into wow-factor ideas for staircases that go further than carpet or plain wood.

A great idea if you have spare tester pots of wood paint or off cuts of wallpaper – there are an abundance of examples across the net, especially Pinterest, for brilliant designs for your staircase using either paint or paper.

Your hallway is important design statement about the rest of the home, being it is the first room visitors see – so why not make a bold look? 

We looked around and were inspired by the many ideas for bright colour choices, clashing patterns, blending pantones, using typography, saying something about the rest of the home, all giving a great feel and welcome to introduce ‘your home’. Colours and pattern can be used to liven up a space or brighten a hallway or even each tread could tell a story! 


patterned wallpaper on stairs

We found some great inspiring features from Brit&Co, Country Living and a how-to from DIYDoctor
The important thing to start with is a well prepped set of stairs. It’s essential to sand down to a smooth finish, removing any nails, sharp points and excess old paint, and give a good clean to ensure a good surface to work on. Treads should be primed next, to give a good layer for the chosen paint to go on to. Priming can also help even if using wallpaper as it can help to make a smoother surface under the paper. It is key to apply a few thin layers, fully dried in between to create a solid, long lasting finish with paint and with wallpaper the same with clear varnish. 

Look online for inspiration, and as it’s a small area – know that it’ll be easy to change in the future if you fancy a different look! 


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