home: made [ garden fencing / hanging garden ] 

home: made [ garden fencing / hanging garden ] 

Further to our highlight of enjoying outdoor living now that summer is here we look at a simple idea to enhance an outdoor space. 

If your fences are looking a little dated and worn but it’s either impossible or too much money to replace them all, using cheap battening can give a great modern clean look to old panels. 

Using the existing fence posts as your base of support, you can evenly mount new batons horizontally with spacing, to create a new design and look. 

Batons or narrow wood (approx 2”x 1”)  can be purchased from your local wood merchant or building suppliers. Most will offer a cutting service for a small cost if you don’t wish to cut all the lengths yourself. Then for the easiest fixing use long outdoor weather resistant screws and a drill. 

This simple battening idea can also then create a great system for hanging pots, planting, lighting and other paraphenalia from. It can be handy for small spaces to allow the use of the walls for growing fruit, veg and flowers if there isn’t much floor space. It also keeps things out the way from pets, foxes and little fingers! 

We love these handy hanging pots from Tiger and they’re only £2! 

from Tiger Stores across the UK

For furthermore and more complex fencing guides head to silvatimber or little house on the corner 


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