home: trend [ granny floral ] 

home: trend [ granny floral ] 

Not to be solely associated with a twee cottage in the countryside, this floral trend can be a beautiful layer on to a minimal white room. Deep hues of floral designs can be miss match and combine to create a rich look that can be really effective on a worn leather couch against a crisp white wall. Mismatching in the sane hues, varying the size of the print, can create a warm, coherent look that is cosy and inviting and easy to add to with new pieces to layer up. 

Florals can be introduced in the furniture,  in small homewares, with small furnishings and even with wall and floor covering. Try The Rug Seller for great granny floral rugs and head to Wilko for a lovely selection of floral wallpapers 

1 Millie Nancy Armchair 229.99 / DunElm 

2 Bella Floral Cushion £31 / Hutsly 

3 Lupins Cushion (SALE) £28.80 / Laura Ashley 

4 Crochet Throw £40 / A Room in my House  

5 Multi florals layered up on a crisp white background and mid match vintage framing 

6 RHS Chelsea Flower Show Cushion £65 / John Lewis 

7 Vintage Danish Sofa £650 / Modernistiks 

8 Going bold with floral mural on a dark wall. Full a similar effect try a big floral wall paper. 


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