home: trend [ natural tones ]

home: trend [ natural tones ]

This year the home takes on a natural tone with creams, stone and woods. Create a calming, no fuss space which is clean, yet cosy. With a colour palette of nuetral creams, greys and browns there is little that can go wrong when creating this look.

Focus on soft furnishings like throws and cushions to enhance a sofa or chair, making sure you go for textured fabrics to bring a different element to all the muted colours. With furniture Mid Century and Scandinavian influences work the best, strong design with a great use of wood and fabric, especially leather.

When decorating your room, look at two possible options. Firstly paint the wall a pale cream or grey and accent the space with white furniture and accessories or reverse the look with all white walls, bringing in the addition of other tones in everything else. What’s nice with this trend is that you don’t necessarily have to stick to 2/3 colours, use as many as you like. Look at the palette below.


1. String shelving – string.se 

2. Coffee table – Westelm.co.uk [ £199.95 ]

3. Light shade – johnlewis.com [£30 ]

4. Wool throw – Ikea.com [ £25 ]

5. Pair of leather chairs – made.com [ £159 ]

6. Vases – Westelm.co.uk [ from £12 ]

7. Armchair – swooneditions.com [ £369 ]

8. Cushion – sainsburyshome.co.uk [ £14 ]

9. Nest of marble tables – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £255 ]

10. Coffee pot – trouva.com [ £39.95 ]


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