home: favourite thing [ rattan shelf ]

home: favourite thing [ rattan shelf ]

Continuing our love for rattan and it remaining firmly on the current 2019 trend radar – we found this great small wall shelving unit from Madam Stoltz (available from Trouva and other online stores)

£72 with free UK delivery


home: trend [ natural lampshades ]

home: trend [ natural lampshades ]

With the Winter nights upon us, it’s now the time of year to focus on lights in the home. Create cosy spaces for the evening and bright work spaces throughout the day. A big trend this year has has been rattan and woven lampshades and this is not going away through into 2019.

This style gives a relaxed feel to a room and will work with most decor. The natural fibres and woven form soften a space and allow for any colour backdrop.

Wood accents are also big for next year, so this is a great way of introducing this through lighting.


Top row: rattan pendant / dunelm.com [ £49 ], bamboo dome / habitat.co.uk [ £84 ], wicker lamp / nukuku.com [ £195 ]

Middle row: woven lamp / maisonsdumonde.com [ £89.99 ], bamboo pendant / trouva.com [ £130 ], bamboo pendant / ikea.com [ £40 ]

Bottom row: layered rattan shade / made.com [ £69 ], straw lampshade / rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £40 ], rattan shade / johnlewis.com [ £60 ],

home: found this [ rattan lampshade ]

home: found this [ rattan lampshade ]

We are a little obsessed with rattan at the moment and you can currently spot it in furniture and lighting everywhere.

We have picked out these fun lampshades from made.com available in black and natural. Choose from 3 different designs for a modern take on a 70s classic. These shades will look great in any room.

[ from £49 ]

home: trend [ marble ]

home: trend [ marble ]

We have seen a huge increase in popularity for marble over the last few years and it’s a material that is being used in prety much every homes.

Whether it’s in the form of kitchen accessories, table tops, tableware, printed soft furnishings, marble is such a gorgeous material with a beautiful pattern, you will always feel you have a unique piece in your home.

This year has seen marble mixed with pastels and metalics; copper, brass & gold. We now see marble in a more basic form, appreciating its character without the additions of colour working alongside it.

Table tops are being seen with simple black metal or wooden legs, and vases and accessories apear less fussy. [ Look out for the additions of black & white to compliment a piece ]. And of course this means you can opt for any wall colour you like as you won’t need to worry about clashing tones.


1. Table from oliverbonas.com [ £210 ]

2. Wallpaper from johnlewis.com [ £175 ]

3. Marble effect planter from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £28 ]

4. Set of 2 pots from made.com [ £29 ]

5. Clock from trouva.com [ £249 ]

6. Chopping boards from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ from £14.95 ]

7. Table from habitat.co.uk [ £295 ]

8. Table from westelm.co.uk [ £399 ]

home: found this [ jute rug ] 

home: found this [ jute rug ] 

The Urban Outfitters sale is a great place to get hugely discounted homeware and furniture. Often full of unique on-trend pieces to update the home. 

Their rugs are always great designs and quality. 

We found this large natural jute rug with a little dash of colour reduced from £120 to £60. 

‘Rounded area rug with a colourful border made of sustainable natural jute…… Woven from jute plant fibres that are super durable – perfect for a covered patio, entry way or high traffic area.’

home: featured [ Jackson & Levine ] 

home: featured [ Jackson & Levine ] 

Authors and culinary geniuses, Alice Levine and Laura Jackson, two women synonymous with the famous supper clubs in London, have joined Habitat and released a gorgeous collection of homeware. A combination of organic and influenced by nature styles, with earthy ceramics, coloured glass, printed leaf fabrics and woods. Beautiful pieces with prices from £8

‘As founders of the “hottest supper club of the year”, Laura Jackson and Alice Levine know a thing or two about throwing the dream dinner party. They also know that creating a space that is as impressive as the food is the recipe for the perfect evening. Recreate their supper club vibe in your own home with their top picks, including the must-have pieces from their debut home collection for Habitat.’

home: trend [ out of Africa ] 

home: trend [ out of Africa ] 

Embrace the pattern, layering and textures of the Out Of Africa trend.

Build up natural tones, textures of faux animal skins, furs and dark woods but inject colour with the plethora of bright and colourful African fabrics in cushions and throws. 

For storage use woven baskets and wooden boxes, add in accessories of ornamental elephants and masks and bring the outside in with lots of indoor planting. 

1 Odi Pouffe £399 Evasonaike 

2 Raffia Kuba Vintage Stool £395.68 DjemOverDyedRug (on Etsy) 

3 Berber Rug (from) £70 Next 

4 Gold Faux Bull Skull £120 Rockett St George 

5 Faux Leopard Rug £175.95 Fabulous Furs 

6 Babuka Throw £68.08 KuduHome 

7 Adder sea grass basket £95 Habitat