home: made [ bleach dyeing ] 

home: made [ bleach dyeing ] 

Tie dying had a recent serge in popularity with it becoming a strong trend in fabric last year but it’s just one part of the joys of pattern-creating with bleach. 

Modern bleaching producing Scandinavian influenced designs

Bleach is an easy, when used safely, substance to use to create your own printed-style fabric in many variations. 

Using brushes, sprays, knot tying, stencils and other tools, you can create so many different effects that result in incredibly beautiful fabrics. This DIY creative process is great to be able to create fabrics to match colour schemes, styles and patterns in your home. The fabrics can be used for further DIY projects including cushion making, upholstery and making other soft furnishings. 

Modern bleach dyeing project from A Beautiful Mess

Two great features that cover all the aspects and great guidance for creating modern bleached fabric are from A Beautiful Mess and Threads Magazine. Both show inventive stylish results from using bleach dyeing. 


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