home: trend [ reflective ]

home: trend [ reflective ]

This trend is all about metalic finishes and reflective surfaces. Create a space where light and colour bounces around the room through key pieces of furniture and accessories.

Look at coloured glass, mirror and high gloss marble finishes on table tops and shelving alongside warm metals like brass and gold. An obvious start to get this look is with a large mirror, and there are some great designs available in stores mixing different shapes and finishes so no need to be traditional.

Black and green marble give a subtle reflective surface and this works best on coffee tables and shelving, bringing interest and decoration at the same time. For some fantastic table and trolley selections that fit this look perfectly visit rockettstgeorge.co.ukmiafleur.com and roseandgrey.co.uk.
Another way to bring this look into your home is through soft furnishings like cushions. A copper or gold shiny finish can give a reflective quality and bring together the look [ oliverbonas.com have a new range of cushion which look fab ]. Finally accessories like vases and candle holders are a great way to bring a shelf or table to life, the shinier the better.


1. Table [ two sizes ] – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ from £529 ]

2. Cushion – oliverbonas.com [ £28 ]

3. Tumbler – urbanoutfitters.com [ £10 ]

4.Light – Tom Dixon/ trouva.com [ £195 ]

5. Marble shelf – miafleur.com [ £68 ]

6. Vase – room356.co.uk [ £10 ]

7. Table – amara.com [ £385 ]

8. Mirror – maisonsdumonde.com [ £179.90 ]

9. Sequin cushion cover – hm.com [ £12.99 ]


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