home: made [ midcentury shelving ] 

home: made [ midcentury shelving ] 

The look of floating or modular shelving is minimal and clean with brands like Ladderax and String being the leaders in design; both in the last few decades and in present day. 

We came across a great DIY tutorial from OldBrandNew which is a great way to produce a similar look at a fraction of the price as well as being satisfying that it’s homemade. 

Making your own means you can also customise the size, dimensions and colour yourself with UK based suppliers offering all the equipment you’ll need from adjustable wall system racks from hardware stores including Wickes, BigDug and Screwfix, to high street DIY stores, like B&Q, having a good choice of ready cut wood shelves to use on the system as well as offering a cutting service when you give your own measurements. 

Untreated wooden wood could be finished how you want in round stains, paint or varnish, and wall brackets can be bought in a few different colours or sprayed to the colour you want. 

These systems are always easily changeable, can be added to and even the colour changed at a later date. 

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