home: favourite thing [ sofa ]

home: favourite thing [ sofa ]

With the influences of Morocco still strong in our homes these floor cushions are the perfect addition to get the look. Available in various colours these cushions can double up as a sofa and bed.

Great for chilling out on with a book and becoming an addition bed for guests.

urbanoutfitters.com [ from £110 ]

home: favourite thing [ shelving unit ]

home: favourite thing [ favourite thing ]

Urban Outfitters continue to expand their range and bring us fun and interesting homeware. We love this modular cabinet with its retro styling and eight staggered shelves.

This piece would look great in any room and work with most styles, including Midcentury, industrial and minimal.

Available from urbanoutfitters.com

[ £249 ]

home: made [ midcentury shelving ] 

home: made [ midcentury shelving ] 

The look of floating or modular shelving is minimal and clean with brands like Ladderax and String being the leaders in design; both in the last few decades and in present day. 

We came across a great DIY tutorial from OldBrandNew which is a great way to produce a similar look at a fraction of the price as well as being satisfying that it’s homemade. 

Making your own means you can also customise the size, dimensions and colour yourself with UK based suppliers offering all the equipment you’ll need from adjustable wall system racks from hardware stores including Wickes, BigDug and Screwfix, to high street DIY stores, like B&Q, having a good choice of ready cut wood shelves to use on the system as well as offering a cutting service when you give your own measurements. 

Untreated wooden wood could be finished how you want in round stains, paint or varnish, and wall brackets can be bought in a few different colours or sprayed to the colour you want. 

These systems are always easily changeable, can be added to and even the colour changed at a later date. 

home: trend [ flexible furniture ] 

home: trend [ flexible furniture ] 

Furniture and homeware design has to keep up with changing needs and demands of everyday living. 

Heloisa Righetto, of trend forecasting and  analysis service WGSN Lifestyle predicts a move towards furniture that facilitates numerous different activities, and that the furniture will become ‘more fluid and less about novelty’.

Modular units, sofa systems, and customising your functions as you need is growing essential in the home. As lifestyles change and what we need from our living environments develop, our furniture can flex to accommodate those needs. Changes in work, play and leisure can push towards what we demand from our homes. 

There has been a surge in integrated charging systems where electronic functions are combined with furniture or home accessories. Integration isn’t just for kitchens; stores including IKEA offer affordable products where wireless charging is designed into everyday products including bedside tables and lamps. 

Flexible furniture as a concept is also beneficial to many peoples reduced living space (either by choice or finances) and furniture that can multifunction is both space saving and efficient in costs e.g. a sofa that incorporates seating, storage, room dividing and even the table is a three-in-one or even four-in-one piece. Even with the complex design specifications, and quality in that furniture this will no doubt be cost efficient. 

Similar to flexible furniture we can also use the term ‘modular’ when a product or item furniture can be constructed of different components that can regularly flex and change to your needs. A modular sofa can adjust to how many people need seating, how you wish to relax or what direction you wish to face – both being easy to regularly change as well as add to with new modules. IKEA is an affordable leader in this market. 

1 Built in side table on sofa 

2 Modular sofa from IKEA 

3 Flexing between sofa or bed with ample storage underneath 

4 SELJE charging side unit £50 IKEA 

5 Urban Highsleeper (contemporary model of a firm favourite – the bunkbed with desk and storage) £409 RainbowWood 

6 Bunkbed storage combination system 

7 Vintage midcentury day bed unit with storage 

8 RIGGAD Wireless charging work lamp £49 IKEA