home: trend [ olive green ] 

home: trend [ olive green ] 

Green is a colour associated with nature, harmony, safety and has a restorative effect. Olive green specifically is traditional colour of peace which is strong evidence that it’s a wonderful colour to use in the home. It’s a great colour to use on a big scale whether it’s wall paint, tiling or a large rug but what is particularly effective is layering up shades of a green and building a strong on trend look with the throws, sofas, cushions, paint on walls – all being in that olive tone. There are various shades of olive so the look can have a tonal variance. 

Create texture by using knits, weaves and patterns in soft furnishings all in green and use pewter, warm or dark wood and black in other furniture with metallic highlights in small homewares. 

1 Tiling from Bellissimo from £26 

2 Hygena Lexi Sofa from Argos £349.99 

3 Paint from Wilkos £10 

4 Rug from a selection of green rugs from Benuta 


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