home: event [ another year of great interiors ] 

home: event [ another year of great interiors ] 

Here we are reaching the end of 2016 and we are celebrating both a cracking year for design and vision for homes and interior design but also the support and following of many great people who seem to appreciate our daily bite sized features. 

It’s another great year for design across all departments, updates and new twists on trends we’ve seen before, new emerging brands and designers, and high street stores constantly surprisinging us with designs led style but at affordable prices. 

We look ahead to finding new trends in 2017, giving us reasons to bring out the paint brushes and create new looks, getting to know the new brands at next year’s Design Festival and new collaborations with brands we love. 

We’ll be sure to offer more great giveaways, the latest in interiors news and constantly listen to what you’d like to hear about and include everything that we can, as well as be ever grateful to your support, likes and shares. 

[another] home:blog wishes you a very Happy Christmas and all the best for an exciting new year!


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