home: trend [ woven baskets ] 

home: trend [ woven baskets ] 

Whether Moroccan, Scandinavian, minimal, country cottage, midcentury, industrial, boho or luxe style is your thing, there will be woven baskets to suit. 

Across high street and online stores, from high end brands, woven baskets are filtering down the chain so all homeware brands will have in their ranges this year. 

Easy, adaptable and practical for storage, however big or small there’s a use for woven baskets all over the home – for magazines in the lounge, to store blankets, great for indoor planters, housing nick nacks or bath toys in the bathroom, keeping all your wrapping paper handily stored, for fruit, for eggs, for bread, for outdoorwear kept handily at the front door, as a laundry bin, as display, to keep knitting stored… the uses are endless.

For great styling, mix and match heights in clusters and tie in colours to your decor or wood tones. 

Our favourite bargain outlets for getting great baskets are IKEA , Homebase , Habitat or local garden centres. For on trend Moroccan style baskets head to Bohemian Design or Riadstore 

Styling with baskets

1 Oval / Homebase £9.99 (currently on sale in store at a lower price) 

2 Helene Set of 2 / Southwood Stores £19

3 Idaho / Habitat £30 

4 Monochrome Set of 2 / Sainsbury’s £10 

5 Murmur Set of 2 / Houseology £37 



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