home: trend [ retro lighting ]

home: trend [ retro lighting ]

A clear fact is we all need lighting in our homes, and with so much choice sometimes we can all do with a bit of inspiration. When you consider all the options; floor lamp, table lamp, desk lamp, ceiling light or wall light and then whether you prefer a pendant style, chandelier, lamps with a shade, exposed bulbs, multiple bulbs etc, it’s a continuous dilema. 

This year it’s the focus is on retro lighting, so if nothing else consider a throwback to previous decades when making your choice.

Floor lamp from West Elm [ £269 ]

Brass and copper feature heavily in current lighting options combined with enamel of the 50s, ornate glass of the 70s and art deco designs of the 20s. 

If you do fancy going retro then you need to make a statement with a unique design. Try a multi arm ceiling light [ pic 5 ] giving flexibility to lighting a room or how about a classic Poul Henningsen tiered pendant light [ pic 2 ]. A design that still looks as good today as it did 80 years ago.

For a great choice of retro inspired lights and reproductions of classics head to rockettstgeorge.co.uk and cultfurniture.com. For some original vintage lighting try littleparisstore.com.

Whatever you choose make sure you take considered time on getting the right light for you. We are spoilt for choice right now, for varying budgets so there is the perfect light out there for you. 


1. Art Nouveau lamp from littleparis.com [ £205 ]

2. PH pendant light from skandium.com [ £531.25 ]

3. Ribbed glass light from cultfurniture.com [ £59 ]

4. Brass pendant light from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £378 ]

5. Copper pendant light from johnlewis.com [ £120 ]

6. White glass pendant light from made.com [ £49 ]

7. Art deco lamp from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £87 ]


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