home: made [ curtain tie backs ] 

home: made [ curtain tie backs ] 

We love this modern, clean design for curtain tie backs spotted on an online interiors group via Pinterest. With the use of the raw wood beads it’s a very Scandinavian look but the beads could be stained, sprayed, painted or patterned to suit your interior look. 

A simple easy project which will need;  strong cord/string or wire for threading beads, wooden beads (available from many outlets including Hobbycraft and eBay, paint, spray or varnish (unless you want to keep the beauty of the natural wood, pliers, and hooks for the wall. 

Thread the wooden beads onto the string or wire to the create a chosen length. The length will depend on how tight you want your curtains to sit back against the wall (smaller the length, the tighter the curtain will bunch up). Create a loop on each end of the wire/string to be able to simply loop onto your wall mounted hooks. Think about ensuring the wall hooks sit well against or match the beads well. 

This would work well for heavy weight curtains or billowing thin voile curtains too. 

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