home: trend [ chintz ]

home: trend [ chintz ]

By definition ‘chintz’ is quite a broad term to describe a certain style of multi-floral, ‘twee’ or rather english country cottage-ish homewares and furnishings, but it can be many things to many people.

  1. printed multicoloured cotton fabric with a glazed finish, used for curtains and upholstery.
  2. “floral chintz curtains”

….the grandparents overly floral sitting room with pot pourri and tasseled tie backs on curtains, dated china figurines and doilies on side tables, pinks and pastels and illustrated florals on every surface and what people often presume is behind every door to a thatch cottage and of course the decor to many a seaside B&B from the eighties.

Fast forward to modern day and there’s a surge in popularity for the chintz look with a subtle modern approach.

Many a crafty blogger or instagrammer is embracing the look and it’s encouraging a great push for upcycling, recycling and sourcing second hand pieces for the home – better for your bank account and better for the environment.

Layer up florals on fresh light painted backdrops. Use accessories in marble, metallics and ceramic. Cluster vases and ornaments and also play with clashing pattern sizes on cushions, furniture and curtains.

Top row

Wallpaper from £8 (sale) Dunelm / Bed £599 (sale) Made / Drinks trolley (newer style version now available) £228 Audenza

Middle row

Vase £26 Anthropologie / Sofa £769.30 (sale) Urban Outfitters / Cushion Cover £68 Trouva

Lower row

Paint £48 John Lewis / Curtains from £19.80 CurtainsCurtainsCurtains / Figurine £150 Ebay


home: trend [ terracotta ]

home: trend [ terracotta ]

Bring the warmth and comfort of one of the colours of the year, to your home – terracotta.

It’s last rise in popularity was during the 1990s and there was possibly a fair few terracotta walls on our screens in Changing Rooms but now its had a modern relaunch and using tones of it across a room from walls to furniture to small homewares can look incredibly effective.

Using the colour as a palette across an interior will bring warmth to the room.

Top row

Bedding, La Redoute from £30 / Candle Stick (small), Trouva £17.50 / Cup, Hurn & Hurn £11

Middle row

Cushion, Nordic Nest £29 / Chair, Cult Furniture £159 / Rug, Modern Rugs from £39

Lower row

Cushion, La Redoute £30 / Curtain, Dunelm from £18.00 / Paint, Mano Mano £79.95

home: trend [ window coverings ]

home: trend [ window coverings ]

Not just for privacy or warmth, but the various trends for window covering options show its just as important to be a well considered interiors feature as any other parts of a room. Different coverings can create an entirely different effect and feel to a room; whether it be warm and cosy, airy and minimal, glamorous and chic, or traditional and homely.

Recent styles and choices have seen shutters being one of the most popular options, as well as Venetian blinds being a regular favourite. For a modern look, but when you need warmth combining heavy weight curtain with a blind is a great option to keep an on trend look – ensuring the curtains colour compliment the rest of the room; often a good way to introduce a texture or pattern to bring ‘something else’ to the design of the room. Venetian blinds or shutters are modern and excellent for both privacy and allowing light in but their solid look can be softened with a modern voile or net curtain. Ikea has a great choice for light weight curtains as well as quality Venetian blinds at very low prices.

An alternative to a lightweight curtain is window film. The perfect way to get minimal stylish non-fussy privacy. Nothing floating getting in the way, cost effective, easy to change, and available in such a range of patterns, styles, colours, densities and finishes.

Affordable suggestions :

Best for quality Venetian blinds – B&Q

Best for light weight curtains – Ikea

Best for made to measure (any blinds) – Blinds2Go

Best for shutters – TheShutterStore

Best for window film – MiniModerns

home: trend [ boucle ]

home: trend [ boucle ]

Growing in popularity on curtains, cushions, chairs and blankets, boucle is the fabric of choice this season. The intricate woven pattern can be found more and more on homeware, creating a very tactile and comforting finish.

Combine with a nuetral colour pallete allowing the texture to take centre stage. Mix with other soft fabrics like throws and cushions for a cosy autumnal feel.



yarn with a looped or curled ply, or fabric woven from this yarn


1. Selection from Tom Dixon at trouva.com [ from £85 ]

2. Chair from made.com [ £229 ]

3. Cushion by HAY from utilitydesign.co.uk [ £49 ]

4. Cushion from johnlewis.com [ £35 ]

5. Sofa from heals.com [ from £1949 ]

6. Throw from debenhams.com [ £32 ]

7. Jute rug from westelm.co.uk [ from £79 ]

8. Cushion from bombayduck.com [ £35 ]

9. Chair from westelm.co.uk [ £699 ]

home: made [ curtain tie backs ] 

home: made [ curtain tie backs ] 

We love this modern, clean design for curtain tie backs spotted on an online interiors group via Pinterest. With the use of the raw wood beads it’s a very Scandinavian look but the beads could be stained, sprayed, painted or patterned to suit your interior look. 

A simple easy project which will need;  strong cord/string or wire for threading beads, wooden beads (available from many outlets including Hobbycraft and eBay, paint, spray or varnish (unless you want to keep the beauty of the natural wood, pliers, and hooks for the wall. 

Thread the wooden beads onto the string or wire to the create a chosen length. The length will depend on how tight you want your curtains to sit back against the wall (smaller the length, the tighter the curtain will bunch up). Create a loop on each end of the wire/string to be able to simply loop onto your wall mounted hooks. Think about ensuring the wall hooks sit well against or match the beads well. 

This would work well for heavy weight curtains or billowing thin voile curtains too. 

home: trend [ blush hues ] 

home: trend [ blush hues ] 

Bring serenity and a beautiful calm to your interiors with blush hues. The pink palette of this trend is a dreamy mix of shades of pink with complimentary colour additions of white, cream and beige. These hues sit well with light woods or white furniture, keeping accessories in copper, a little monochrome and of course pink to a minimal to ensure the interior is minimal and clean.

Create a Spring feel for a lounge or bedroom with this beautiful trend,  covering windows with long billowing pale pink curtains, which could look great layered up with lace nets, scatter cushions in a variety of pale pinks with the odd one with subtle pattern and opt for a couple of pink tones for the walls. 

[ Farrow & Ball ] Calamine / Nancys Blushes / Cinderose

Farrow & Ball / paint from £39.50  

1 pink ombré print / from £12 / Junique 

2 Rafi desk lamp / £25 / Habitat 

3 cotton curtains / from £60 / John Lewis 

4 Muuto vase / £75 / Ambient Direct 

5 Hygeia head bust / £84 / Mia Fleur 

home: found this [ net curtains ] 

home: found this [ net curtains ] 

In the modern world of interior design, net curtains fell out of favour to other now popular window coverings including Venetian or roller blinds and recently wooden shutters. However with both the growth in popularity of the vintage-look in the home, as well as the trend for minimal white light filled interiors, net curtains have gained a fan base again. 

And they really do make sense. They’re are brilliant way to ensure privacy for large windows, they diffuse sunlight but still allow rooms to remain bright and sun filled, and as a cheap material they are easily updated with colour or pattern trends as desired. Styled in the right way within a vintage style or minimal clean interior, they can create a great modern look, especially layered up and with extra length so they puddle on the floor. 

The window covering market is worth more than £1bn, and designers and brands are offering a great range of affordable styles across the high street. Head to IKEA for some modern Scandivian designs. 

Colour wise they are classic in white, but to bring colour into a room, layering a lace curtain over a coloured net can give a subtle coloured, softened appearance to the window area. With the current metallic trend being popular, that can also translate into voile or net, as can black to exaggerate a monochrome themed room. 

If flowing nets are a little flouncy for your taste the benefits of net, including light and privacy, can be achieved with the net, lace or voile stretched over frames and used as modern look panel covers for a window. Alternatively the pattern from the lace can also be found in adhesive opaque window film designs. 

1 simple modern LIL net / IKEA £5

2 lace ALVINE SPETS net / IKEA £10

3 Damask Leaf net / Wilkos £8 

4 Rome lace net / Tony’s Textiles from £1.50 

5 black voile net / Argos £11.99