home: made [ furniture legs ] 

home: made [ furniture legs ] 

It’s the simplest idea but incredibly effective. Adding new legs to a piece of new (or old) furniture can alter the whole design, era, feel of the piece. It’s a great way to update a set of drawers, chair, unit or shelving but also to make it suit the style or look of a room. Legs can reinvent a unit. 

Find simple floor based IKEA units or old legless vintage sideboards or chests of drawers and give them a better design with the right set of legs, whether they are short and stubby, tapered, midcentury, industrial or traditional mounded wood – for not much money you may just transform a piece of furniture you thought wasn’t suitable. 

Of course additionally you can spray, paint, strip or cover a piece too but it’s the initial legs addition that makes a huge impact. 

Try Buzzfeed or Pinterest for ideas and then head to PrettyPegs , Ebay or Amazon for legs. 

Great variety of choice from PrettyPegs

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