home: made [ furniture legs ]

home: made [ furniture legs ]

Ever buy a piece of furniture from Ikea and think it’s needs a little more, something extra to make a little more special, some finishing touches?

You can head to Pretty Pegs and choose from a stylish range of legs for all sorts of Ikea furniture as well as other furniture fixings including handles, add ons and doors.

They say;

Prettypegs was founded in Sweden in 2012 with a mission to inspire personalization. Our accessories are for all of those who believe it’s rather the small details that forms the whole, in the space that is most precious to you – your home – expressing who you are.

And by offering accessories such as legs, knobs and fronts that adds personality to your IKEA furniture, people also tend to keep their furniture longer. With other words – it’s a win win win – for you, your wallet and the environment!

home: made [ furniture legs ] 

home: made [ furniture legs ] 

It’s the simplest idea but incredibly effective. Adding new legs to a piece of new (or old) furniture can alter the whole design, era, feel of the piece. It’s a great way to update a set of drawers, chair, unit or shelving but also to make it suit the style or look of a room. Legs can reinvent a unit. 

Find simple floor based IKEA units or old legless vintage sideboards or chests of drawers and give them a better design with the right set of legs, whether they are short and stubby, tapered, midcentury, industrial or traditional mounded wood – for not much money you may just transform a piece of furniture you thought wasn’t suitable. 

Of course additionally you can spray, paint, strip or cover a piece too but it’s the initial legs addition that makes a huge impact. 

Try Buzzfeed or Pinterest for ideas and then head to PrettyPegs , Ebay or Amazon for legs. 

Great variety of choice from PrettyPegs