home: trend [ oil slick ] 

home: trend [ oil slick ] 

This isn’t about the tragedies that effect the environment but the beauty of a substance that can create the most effective and iridescent patterns and colour effects naturally. The magic of the hues of purple, pink, greens, blues and more, that form in slicks, are translated into homeware and interior finishes – beautiful, chic and with lustre and an expensive finish. 

This is not a trend to push too far, but to use as details in homeware around a room; fabrics, cushions, vases or single wall of tiles or wallpaper; and then use the colour palette and pull out hues to do the main bigger areas of colour required. 

1. ‘Cielo’ Vase / was £25 now £17.50 / Habitat 

2. Colour Effect Cutlery / from £4.99 / Zara Home 

3. Iridescent Tiles / Baked Tiles 

4. ‘Oil Spill’ Mural Wallpaper / £25 psqm / MuralsWallpaper 

5. Rain-Shibori Indigo Silk Cushion / £150 / Vintage & Floral 


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