home: trend [ exposed bulbs ]

home: trend [ exposed bulbs ]

There has been a huge increase in popularity for having exposed bulbs in pendant lighting. Forgoing a traditional lamp shade for something a bit more industrial, creating a focal point in a room.

With the vintage Edison style bulbs with various filament designs still a favourite of most, we now see new adaptions of this look, still keeping the overall feel but with a modern edge. 

You will see a lot more smoked finishes and tinted glass along with oversized examples, so only one large bulb is needed to fill the ceiling space. The big trend at the moment is the streamlining of the filament, creating more structured patterns and lines. And this continues with the housing of the bulbs on pendant lights. Boxes surround the bulbs, creating a faux shade and again this makes for a statement.

Copper and chrome will continue to be the most popular finish of attachments, but try something a bit different with the addition of  a Plumen drop hat lamp shade –  a simple disc that sits above the bulb but looks sleek and modern. 


Top row – pendant set from johnlewis.com [ £130 ], top hat shade from plumen.com [ £44.95 ], bulb from heals.com [ £ ] 

Middle row – pendant light from lighting-direct.co.uk [ £250 ], Muuto pendant lamp from paperrooms.co.uk [ £59 ]

Bottom row – smoked bulb from busterandpunch.com [ £25 ], bulb from habitat.co.uk [ £30 ], filament set from johnlewis.com [ £95 ]

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