home: trend [ animal adventure ]

home: trend [ animal adventure ]

Over the last few years we have seen animals featured heavily in home accessories and lighing, and this trend is continuing into 2020.

The more quirky the better in some opinions, but you can bring a little bit of animal into home in a less vibrant way. Think birds, safari – elephants, monkeys, zebras, as well as closer to home creatures like mice, squirrels and foxes.

Whatever your animal of choice, we recommend go bold. Pick that one piece that will turn heads and stand out in a room. Colours we have noticed popping up for this trend seem to be blues & greens.


Clock wise from top left:

Bear vase / hm.com [ £19.99 ], lamp / audenza.com [ £250 ], rabbit ornament / rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £45 ], peacock head / rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £120 ], zebra vase / grahamandgreen.co.uk [ £60 ], mouse lamp / johnlewis.com [ £63 ], elephant ornament / habitat.co.uk [ £25 ]

home: trend [ Butterflies ]

home: trend [ Butterflies ]

This trend might not be for everyone but this season’s animal of choice is the Butterfly. Ever popular for its variations and colour the Butterfly is a happy motif that isn’t just for kids.

Christian Laquoix wallpaper [ £75 ]

Whether on wallpaper, soft furnishings or printed on decorative objects the Butterfly print needs to be bold and full of colour. Don’t shy away from making a statement, cover a whole wall with a design. The Christian Laquoix wallpaper is a great example of this. 

Print from Rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £25 ]

The easiest way to being Butterflies into your home is with art. There are some gorgeous prints available online including vintage charts and graphic digital prints. Build this trend up in stages, add other insect motifs creating a curated picture wall or soft furnishings and accessories in a corner of a room. Key colours to look out for are teal, turquoise, yellow, black and red.


1. Lampshade from amara.com [ £136 ]

2. Cushion from johnlewis.com [ £55 ]

3. Wall chart from whitemint.co.uk [ £40 ]

4. Print from roseandgrey.co.uk [ £28 ]

5. Trinket tray from trouva.com [ £12 ]

6. Cushion from houseology.com [ £130 ]

7. Taxidermy art from Miafluer.com [ £60 ]

home: trend [ tropical ]

home: trend [ tropical ]

This summer the tropical emphasis is less on foliage and plants and more on fruit and strong graphic pattern.

[ Look at last weeks botanical trend to see how to work with floral and plant prints. ]

Vibrant fruit is key for this trend: watermelon, pineapple and strawberries create playful imagery and pattern within soft furnishings and wall art. There is almost a childlike feel, with cartoon style illustration and candy colours.

There is no need to go over the top with this trend as you can pick selected pieces to achieve the look.
Choose a bold framed print for the wall or a couple of bright patterned cushions to jazz up a sofa or chair [ hm.com has some great choices this season ]. Alternatively pick some fruit inspired ornaments in brass or gold to bring interest and fun to a shelf or table. The pineapple has been the most popular this year so far, in the form of lighting bases, storage jars, candles and vases to name a few. Oliver Bonas even stocks a gold jewellery stand in the shape of a pineapple!

Other motifs to sit alongside the fruits are palm trees and exotic birds, such as parrots, toucans and flamingoes, bringing together clashing combinations filling any room with joy and colour. [ Check out Sass & Belle for some fab tropical items ]

Accent colours to think about are light tones of pink, blue, yellow and peach, and the best wall colour has to be a neutral backdrop of white.
The great thing about this trend is that it easily transfers into the garden with lots of outdoor eating items such as cups, plates, napkins and table cloths available [ head to H&M and Tiger ].
So it’s simple, think desert island, exotic fruits and tropical birds and whatever the weather you will have a little bit of paradise in your home.

1. Poster set of 3 – Ikea.com [ £7 ]
2. Jewellery stand – oliverbonas.com [ £26 ]
3. Cushion cover – hm.com [ £6.99 ]
4. Cushion cover – hm.com [ £7.99 ]
5. Coasters – sassandbelle.co.uk [ £7.50 ]
6. Pineapple print – notonthehighsteet.com [ £7.95 ]
7. Melamine plate – paperchase.co.uk [ £5 ]

Additional image courtesy of Ruby Taylor