home: nice price [ laundry bags ]

home: nice price [ laundry bags ]

We all do laundry and we all need somewhere to store dirty clothes, but we don’t usually fancy spending a lot of money on something we most likely don’t care much about. Well you may think differently when you visit H&M.

They have a great selection of stylish laundry bags from £8.99. Pick from botanical print or a worded design, through to a basic black option. Something for everyone.

Guide: clockwise from top left, original goods [ £12.99 ], floral [ £9.99 ], laundry service [ £12.99 ], botanical [ £9.99 ], laundry square [ £12.99 ], basic light grey [ £8.99 ]

home: made [ rag rug baskets ]

home: made [ rag rug baskets ]

These fun baskets are easy to make and a perfect storage solution in an office space or kids bedroom. Made from a rag rug [ try ikea ] these baskets bring colour and texture to a space and also very practical, as they can pack flat when not in use.

We found this great tutorial from sugarandcloth.com

home: made [ diy rope basket ] 

home: made [ diy rope basket ] 

Across the highstreet baskets of all sorts of styles are proving a popular choice for storage in the home with many current trends embracing the use of them within styling a room. 

Why not try a diy version? A great project and resulting in a practical stylish piece of homeware. The diy tutorial from HappinessIsHomemade for a no-see rope basket is a simple and fun how-to from only a few materials – cotton piping cord (or rope), glue gun and glue sticks, a dish or bowl to use as a mouldy and parchment paper. All items easy to get hold of. 

home: nice price [ shelf rack ] 

home: nice price [ shelf rack ] 

When something ticks so many boxes – practical, industrial, copper, vintage-style, and it’s half price …then it’s a must-buy, right? 

We loved this 3 tier basket unit from Urban Outfitters before, but now it’s down to £40 from £80 it has to be snapped up. 

Use for magazines, stationery, toys, toiletries fruit and veg or even vinyl. This great storage piece is versatile and will look great in any room. 

Only £40