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Founded in 2014, this gorgeous plant & lifestyle store can be found in Hackney, London.

Botany is primarily a store to get your hands on some lovely houseplants and succulents, but you can also choose from handmade ceramics to put them in, plus a collection of skincare and clothing.

Botany champion’s independant designers and makers and also hosts seasonal workshops. It’s a must-visit shop if you are in the area.

Head to botanyshop.co.uk to explore more.

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home: trend [ botanist ] 

Bringing together all the tones of green with every accessory singing about the plant world and all its beauty, the botany trend embraces the delicacy of leaves, stems and fauna, the lushness of the natural world and the fresh feel that plants both real and in image bring to an interior of a room. 

There are many stores with fabric prints, wall art and home accessories with leaf print designs, most popular currently are fern, cheese plant and palm leaves. 

Head to HM, Southwood Stores, IKEA, Sainburys and many other online and high street stores for great selections of bontany inspired wares. This May, Habitat just brought Henry Holland on board for a collection #henryforhabitat which shouts loudly with leaf prints in textiles and upholstery. 

Across stores there are cushions, curtains, chairs, throws, lampshades and ceramics using leaf and botany illustrations, which can be brought together, layer and mix to create a real greenhouse freshness to a room. Cluster pictures of leaves or flower studies to make a gallery style display, mix leaf patterned cushions with plain green tone fabrics mixed inbetween and use glassware and ceramics in various greens as another texture. To break up the greens use oak, walnut or whites to add contrast. Make the impact strong by not using any other vibrant colours. 

Most importantly go wild with indoor planting. We love Botany in East London to get your plant fix – with their array of cacti, planting, foliage and more. Keep your eye on special offers on high street garden centre sections of DIY stores for discounts and special offer days – a great way to get big indoor planting at great prices. 

Use wall hangers in woods, concretes and metals, and macrame hangers to fill a room with real greenery; make bold statements with big architectural leaf plants in corners of rooms; and cluster varying size cacti on coffee tables or shelves. 

1 Sainsburys Botanist Range  

2 Sage + Linden Blossom Candle £10 / Sainsburys 

3 Duvet Set £24.99 / H&M 

4 Visit Botany for plants / Chatsworth Road E5

5 Stockholm Armchair £300 / IKEA 

6 Cocos Print £25 / Skandivis