home: event [ Colour Clinic ]

home: event [ Colour Clinic ]

If you love experimenting with colour in your home but are unsure which colours work together or how best to make the most of a colour, then this afternoon course is for you.

Hosted by Future & Found and Rebecca Harkness you will explore how colour effects our daily life and how we make decisions based on those colours.

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Sunday 1st Oct [ 14:00 – 16:00 ]


[ £45 ]

home: trend [ colour your personality ]

home: trend [ colour your personality ]

Everyone has a favourite colour, maybe a couple, but that doesn’t mean you will paint your whole home in it. With this in mind there are theories that colours can be drawn from our personality, whether it’s a strong flamboyant pink or a calming understated beige.

On the blog today we look at the three main personality traits that translate into our home style; CONFIDENT, COMPOSED and COMFORTABLE and the big colours that we will be seeing alot of in 2017.

Confident: Creative social types drawn to attention grabbing dusky blues, green and bright yellow.

Bring a statement to a room with bold colour throughout. If you like this then you are probably someone who embraces change and likes the energy colour brings. You don’t hold back and you are brave with your choices.

Composed: Traditionalist looking to create a contemporary space with earthy greens, grey and auqa blue.

For someone who likes a calming space and takes time to create a well curated room. The wall colours become a backdrop enabling more colour to layer upon. Nuetral tones are a favourite for this person – bright colours arent as important – yet gorgeous spaces can be created.

Comfortable: Introverted types who like muted shades of pink, yellow and blue. Subtle tones for beginners of an accent colour in their home.

Colour is a risk sometimes, and those that don’t want to go for brights feel happier opting with pastel tones, playing down the intensity a stronger colour can bring. Using these softer colours on furniture for pops of colour against a white or pale grey wall is a sophisticated look.

All in all this is a bit of fun to help pick your next wall colour, but there is something to be said for how we choose colours for our home. Personality definitely plays a factor and it’s not always about following trends, but how you feel happy to adapt them to suit you.

Happy decorating in 2017!

home: trend [ colour therapy ] 

home: trend [ colour therapy ]

Bright colour enthusiast and top blogger Will Taylor of Bright Bazaar wasn’t wrong with his tag line of ‘make you smile style’. 

Colour therapy can’t help but make you smile, it’s uplifting, with an ability to invigorate and refresh an interior. Your home will be a happy place with inspiration from this 2016 trend. 

Create striking interiors with bold wall paint choices, a range of bright colours clashing in home accessories and ensure every choice of furniture, storage and soft furnishings all sing out loud. 

We found about great inspiration from House To Home, using colour psychology from Freshom, and all about the healing power of colours from Colour Therapy Healing .

1. Colour inspiration from the wonderful Bright Bazaar / follow on the blog, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter 

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3. Brighten the bathroom / Next / from £5

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