home: nice price [ faux Monstera ]

home: nice price [ faux Monstera ]

Bringing the outdoors in, without having any hassle. Houseplants make a home come alive, and faux plants give that wonderful look without any need for any care required.

We love this realistic faux monster from Wilko and it has a great price – just £10

home: trend [ faux finishes ]

home: trend [ faux finishes ]

Going faux is as popular as ever and with some great looks and finishes, being both practical and realistic there is no reason not to try it.

Whether it’s a cowhide printed sofa or a faux leather chair the options of faking it have increased. Faux flowers and plants have had a massive resurgence in the last couple of years. The realistic finish has improved massively and you would most definetly be making a investment.

People are looking for long lasting homeware that tick all the boxes of functionality, style and sustainability.

Wall panel from abigailahern.com 

If you are dreaming of a wood panelled or red brick wall then now you can with wallpapers and faux panels. Abigail Ahern has a fab collection of textured wall panels. Choose from stone, slate or brick, or head to Rockett St George for gorgeous wallpapers to fake the look.

Engineered quartz makes a strong contender to marble when considerimg worktop finishes. It’s said to have better heat resistance and withstand acidic food better than Carrara marble.

Often these faux versions are cheaper than the real thing, and with some great examples in stores, you might start to question what’s real and what isn’t.


1. Faux fur throws from grahamandgreen.co.uk. [ £99 ]

2. Faux leather sofa from wayfair.co.uk [ £572 ]

3. Faux cowhide sofa from rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £625 ]

4. Faux potted ferns from miafluer.co.uk [ £24.95 ]

5. Engineered quartz

6. Faux leather dining chair from dwell.co.uk [ £179 ]

7. Mock sheepskin rug from laredoute.co.uk [ £169 ]

home: trend [ faux plants ]

home: trend [ faux plants ]

Plants bring life to a home, increasing oxygen levels and are great at bringing calm to a space. But unfortunately keeping them alive long enough to reap the benefits isn’t always easy; over watering them or not giving them enough sunlight is usually the issue.

If you are one if these people have you considered faking it?! Now is the time to do it, as stores all over are now stocking great faux plants. Not only are they realistic, but they need no maintaining expect perhaps a little dust every now and again.

Today we show you some fab examples and where to get them. A good place to start is with small versions including perhaps an Aloe Vera or a herb [ Ikea have some brilliant examples at very affordable prices ]. Sit them in a ceramic or concrete pot on a shelf mixed amongst accessories and ornaments.

Go bigger with a fern or palm tree and place in the corner of a room next to a table perhaps. These can look great in a large woven basket or bag. Prices can vary depending on size and shape but remember they are going to last, so ultimately an investment.

If you want to make a statement with faux plants create a vertical garden using panels to build up a wall. This only needs to be done on one wall, but it will be dramatic and totally on trend.


1. Faux Ivy in pot – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £25.95 ]

2. Vertical garden panel – evergreendirect.co.uk [ £97.95 ]

3. Faux black grass – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £12.99 ]

4. Faux Bamboo – ikea.com [ £35 ]

5.  Faux Palm tree – wayfair.co.uk [ £70.99 ]

6. Faux fern – roseandgrey.co.uk [ £155 ]

7. Faux Aloe vera – grahamandgreen.co.uk [ £38 ]

8. Faux fern – trouva.com [ £39.95 ]

9. Faux vertical garden – hedgedin.co.uk [ £71.99 ]

10. Faux assorted herbs – ikea.com [ £6 each ]

11. Faux Bird of paradise – rockettstgeorge.co.uk [ £299 ]

12. Faux Orchid – ikea.com [ £10 ]